The New Medical Supplement Offers Advance in Bladder Control

Few people want to talk about bladder control, but urinary incontinence is a serious and poorly reported problem. Studies show that 50-84% of older people living in long-term care facilities suffer from unwanted urine leakage. Moreover, even young people, particularly women, are affected. From 7 to 37% of women aged 29 to 39 have a degree of urinary incontinence.

Sometimes the urine flows when he laughs, sneezes, coughs or climbs the stairs, exerting physical stress on the abdominal cavity (and therefore on the bladder). In other cases, urine flows away before people can respond to their urgency. This condition is called an overactive bladder. Incontinence can also be the result of other diseases, e.g. Psychiatric disorders or urinary tract infections.

In total, 26 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence, while 33 million suffer from an overactive bladder, according to the Simon Foundation and the National Continence Association.

To prevent or control urine leakage, people can try exercises that strengthen the muscles that control urination. You can choose medicines that calm the overactive bladder or facilitate the emptying of the bladder. You can wear absorbent underwear or put a disposable hood in the urethra. You can also undergo surgery to keep the urethra closed with a pelvic sling or an artificial valve.

Now there is a more natural approach to solving this problem: a food supplement called UriVarx from Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB Venture Market: INNV). UriVarx contains Cratevox stem bark, horsetail and Lindera strychnifolia root, two ingredients that strengthen the connective tissue, support the bladder and relax the bladder muscles, leaving more urine on the shoulders.

And unlike most dietary supplements, UriVarx has received rigorous clinical trial results that demonstrate a reduction in urinary incontinence and urgency by up to 50%.

“UriVarx is a real medical breakthrough in bladder health,” says Dr. Bassam Damaj, President and CEO of Innovus Pharma. “For the first time, people can face this big problem of bladder control naturally.”

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