The Minimalist’s Guide To Cooking Great Food

Many people think that cooking good food is far more complex than it really is. Ever walk into a grocery store and see the row of rotisserie chickens lined up for busy shoppers? It looks so convenient, but did you know that roasting your own chicken is literally as simple as tossing some spices on a bird and sticking it in the oven

for an hour or two? Or let’s take microwave dinners, “ready-to-bake” meals, and the like. One look at the ingredients list shows that they barely qualify as food, and, ironically, the fifteen minutes it takes to cook a frozen pizza could have been used putting together and cooking your own healthier, whole-food pie. The point is that cooking real food, and good food, is surprisingly simple,affordable, and fast … once you learn a handful of basics on cooking and storing food. So, let’s get to it.

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