Avoid the seasonal Splurge with Healthy Protein Snacks

From family gatherings to cookie exchanges, the holiday season is delicious and can be combined with a well-balanced diet. Whether you want to reduce your appetite, do not be tempted by tempting pleasures or need fuel before your Christmas shopping marathon, here are some clever tips for making this Christmas season even healthier.

* Happy Trail (s) Mix: So you always have plenty of energy, you have the mix of homemade trails. It is an excellent source of vitamins, fiber and healthy fats, giving you a boost of energy that allows you to buy without falling. Personalize it with your favorite ingredients and add blueberries and pistachios to give it a festive flair.

* Protein Pack: Each family has traditional holiday recipes and many serve as a side dish for the main course. Whether your family’s main dish is ham, turkey or even turkey, you can enjoy food during the holidays that rarely needs time all year round. While waiting for the big meal, try to consume small amounts of protein to keep your blood sugar under control. Small offerings such as meat snacks are the perfect option to speed up your metabolism while providing sustainable energy.

However, avoid meat-based snacks that contain a lot of sodium and sugar. An excellent healthy choice is Land O’Frost’s Deli Snackers, a baked meat sandwich made from top quality roast beef. This delicious and convenient variety contains more than 10 grams of protein per serving with less than 400 mg of sodium. It’s the perfect remedy for achieving your healthy eating goals.

* Festive Fiber: To avoid stomach noises in the afternoon, prepare a batch of oatmeal pods with a muffin dish: a healthy and delicious snack to enjoy at any time of the day. Oatmeal, rich in fiber, fills it before dinner, and the addition of natural ingredients such as pure maple sugar and cinnamon will satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way so you do not end up in a pastry. sweet or any of the other fillings that has spilled over the kitchen.

So why wait for the New Year to start your intentions? Start the holiday season and try one of these nutritious snacks without giving up on the holidays.

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